The Active Traveler is a company that works out your touring visit abroad.
We are neither a travel agency nor a tour operator, we act solely as an intermediary and as an advisor. You choose the dates and duration of your stay and the level of hosting services and we create for you a tour tailored to your wishes for you by asking our local partners, tourism professionals.
We prepare for you a detailed day by day road book that is given to you prior to your departure and which will serve as a guideline for your stay : budget, selected hotels, transportation, schedules, distance and duration of courses, excursions or activities, etc .. ..
You will discover the country on their own, at your own pace, without the constraints of organized trips in groups, away from the usual tourist systems, always close to the local life. We offer a circuit frame that we can adjust and modulate with you according to your wishes and preferences: the level of accommodation, transportation mode, more or fewer visits, "relax" or rather active travel, etc ...
To offer you an adventure and discovery taste, this start frame will contain each time a program of dynamic or sport activities, which may be alleviated or intensified by level of sport and activities you want to do during your stay : a few hours hiking, trekking over several days, course in mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, pirogue, river rafting, etc ...
More intense courses may be offered for mountain racing or trail enthusiasts who want to maintain their workout while on vacation. With The Active Traveler, your stay will be custom tailored to your way of traveling.


The word of the "boss" :


After 38 years in french administration working in an IT department, I decided to change direction and created an individual company in the tourism sector : The Active Traveler.

Great traveler for many years, particularly in Asia and Madagascar, I hope to share my knowledge, my experience, my meetings.
Also having a sportsman past with many long-distance mountain races, treks over several days and multi-activity courses, my personal travels always mixed visits and discovery of the country and outdoor activities more or less intense whenever this was possible : a few hours hiking, trekking over several days, walk in jungle, camping, mountain biking, canoe or kayak, canoe, pirogue, bamboo rafting, wildlife watching, etc ...
Finally, my trips were an opportunity, where possible, to help the poor populations by distributing clothes, medicine, school supplies, toys ...

It is this mode of travel for which I hope to bring you my advice and work with you to tailor your trip to your desires.


The Active Traveler

It is a young company, founded in August 2015. Only two circuits are described at the opening of the website. Gradually i will put online new circuits proposalsthat serve as the foundation for the makingof your stay accomodated to your preferences visits or activities.
The website will evolve regularly, especially with many photos taken during my previous trips. Don't hesitate to visit it again later !
And you can also follow us on social networks.

It just remains for me to say "see you soon for your new journey" ...


Best regards.