Ilo Village (Nosy Komba)

Ilo Village is an hotel located in Nosy Komba, about 45 minutes by boat from Hellville harbour in Nosy Be.

The hotel "Ilo Village" is located in Ampangorina, a small fishermen village.

We spent one night there in September 2015 and sure we will come again.

The place is very pleasant, a short distance away from the village center (5 minutes walk).
The bungalows are nice and comfortable for a very reasonable price (from 15 euros).

The owners welcome you very friendly.

Don't hesitate to stay a night (or more ...). When you get up the next day and you leave stroll in the village, you will see the "real" village, without the many tourists dropped for a few minutes by excursions boats during the day. You will discover the way of life and the daily tasks of a small Malagasy village : pirogues going to fish in the morning, the small market stalls, preparing samosas, laundry, etc ...

For travelers in good condition, we really recommend to experience the nocturnal excursion.
Departure in late afternoon by the small paths that go up the mountain located above the village.
Beautiful sunset with views of the nearby islands.
The hike continues as night falls. We cross a small village very nice, perched in the mountains, very different from Ampangorina on the coast.
With your headlight or your lamp, your guides will show you many specimens of local wildlife. The eyes of Malagasy guides are extraordinary to identify various animals: chameleons of all sizes, including really very small ones, geckos, snakes, lemurians,etc ...

The hike takes about 4 hours, it requires a good physical shape because the trail goes up and down constantly and it can easily become very slippery when wet. Suitable shoes are recommended, and do not forget to bring enough water.

Returned to the hotel around 21:30, we were delighted to still be able to take our meal despite the late return (great barracuda).

Highly recommended.